Mr Padam Sacheti a 5th generation, who moved to Mumbai from Ajmer in the early 70’s, set up the first workshop of Jaipur Gems in an industrial area. Within a few years of establishing the brand, Jaipur Gems received immense recognition and appreciation from their loyal customers and new clients and this helped him to achieve to open his first flagship store at Hughes Road.

With his two sons later joining the business, it expanded to other cities in the country – Chennai and Coimbatore. Today the company and organisation houses almost more than 200 employees, it boasts of latest technology, best karigars, offering classic, traditional and contemporary luxurious designs and is keeping the heritage alive through their designs and craftsmanship. 

To commemorate his father’s, Shri Inderchandji Sacheti, memory and leave a legacy behind, The Jaipur Gems Charitable Trust was founded by Shri Padam Sacheti in the year 2005. His father was known to have a keen interest in hindustani classical music and over the years inculcated the same passion in his son Shri Padam Sacheti. He continues to carry forward this legacy and training the young generation to showcase their talents. 

Due to an early exposure to classical music, Mr Sacheti has developed an acute ear for music and musicians. Mr Sacheti shares extremely close bond with music maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, and began his journey in promoting Indian classical music under the guidance and advice of Pdt Sharmaji to honour legendary artists and chart a new path for budding musicians.

Over the years, Mr Sacheti has created beautiful bond of lasting friendships with other music maestros such Ustaad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Shri Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pandit Jasraj and many more. These legendary musicians today are almost like family members to him.

“UGAM is a legacy of mine, which I look forward to being carried
down by the next generation”
-Mr. Padam Sacheti


Educating the apprentices in Hindustani Classical music. Elevating their skills in
music technicalities, enhancing their performance versatility in the audience. And
ultimately laying out a platform for the young musicians to showcase their talent
and mesmerise the audience.

Our Vision to see the upcoming and next generation deeply involved in Indian
Culture through various art forms and to cherish enjoy such beautiful deeply
rooted indian melodies which have been lingering since thousands of generations.


Communication and also services are a key factor for any brand. The pricing model not only
considers cost of materials and labour, but the types of materials they are us, their proprietary,
design process, artistic talent and originality.

To Explore exclusive opportunities with similar aesthetics avenues. And the most important factor in all is being original to oneself. Perseverance and persistence are two pillars of foundation to build a brand. Every Brand has a signature style that they are known for.

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