The Jaipur Gems Charitable Trust offers scholarships under the UDAAN programme. The students are
recommended to us by their guru or teachers for academic grants so that they can sharpen their skills and
master their art of music within a year or two. Usually 4 scholarships are handed out every year to students.

Once their guru regards them to be worthy of a debut performance they are given this platform to showcase
their talent. Starting from the year 2023, UGAM is now dedicated to the memory of Pdt Shivkumar Sharmaji
and will now take place annually on this birthday , 13th January. The award which wasonce in the name of
Panditji’s father is now in his honour and is renamed as “ Pt Shivkumar Sharma Samman Award”.


The Hindi word ‘Udaan’ means flight. A scholarship programme which was started with a dream to promote young upcoming musicians in the hindustani classical music field.  The programme helps elevate  their skills and increase their passion towards different Indian music art forms.

The students are encouraged to fulfil their their artistic dreams and showcase the culmination of talents and skills they have learnt over the past two years under the apprenticeship of legendary music insiders.

Udaan creates a momentous opportunity for the students to perform side by side with some of the greatest classical artists. It adds a stepping stone to their successful career ahead and step out into the world as a classical trained musician ready to ignite and inspire the world.